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We first launched a Korean styled cafe called “Seoulcial Club” in March 2018 at Siam Square Soi 3 which is located in the heart of Bangkok. After introducing the new “Tiger Series” few months after the opening, alongside our specialty coffee and other drinks, it was trully a success due to the fact that not only had we set the trend, drinking bubble tea has now become everyone’s addiction.

We then diversified Seoulcial Club by launching a new brand called “Fire Tiger” where only tiger series drinks are served. Within one year, we currently have five branches and four more outlets in the process. People remember us for our best taste, premium ingredients, and unique branding. Furthermore, we have been featured in many articles, including Vogue Thailand that has just ranked us as #1 bubble tea in the country.
Fire Tiger opens the first store in Indonesia on June, 13th 2020 at Grand Indonesia, then on September 5th, 2020 Surabaya (Pakuwon Mall 2M) becomes the second place in Indonesia.

” I think the one that I had in Bangkok is pretty much the same: their brown sugar style is a tad different than the common brown sugar flavor (I realize most has this style that’s similar): it’s very fragrant, bold but not overpowering & had this caramel/toffee hint to it, but certain drinks have different adjustments and toppings! “
– eatandtreats

Fire Tiger in Bangkok

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